Wednesday, May 14, 2008

They dont love you like I love you*_

Hi again. Came upon a song today, really soothing and calm. Lovely to say the least:)Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Download it. If youre into mood calming chill music, Ideffinitly recomend it. "they dont love you like I love you". Makes me smile like clockwork.Today was a goodie. Although tired, I spent it with wonderful people. And now its bedtimeonce again. I always find it hard to call it a night, Because I swear, I could go on forever.Goodnight. xoxo. PaizRose.
PS - god bless!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not just another May day

just sitting in bed thinking about life. thinking about the wonderful things I can do with it. The people I I hold close to me and the impressions and examples I leave in this world. All are things I think about,and all are things I wish to make Wonderful, beautiful and knowledgable. I hope to one day be that personwho can make any person smile, or to teach them something new. I want to fill the hearts of those aroundme with goodness. Tonight was a good night, topped the charts of 2008 so far. Completed some goals, had a little fun, and made some new friends. Sock soccer at the baptist church was alot of fun. its sucha nice feeling when you know you are welcome even though every person you look in the eye is a stranger.its oddly strange how nice some people can be. And I love it. Im glad I brought my best friend to share in the fun. She loved it. Lately Life has thrown us so many unexpected turns. With so much that has turned rottenin this world its suprising what people can do with a little prayer and detirmination. And it makes me want to be a better person, so I can be just as a good an example and put many a smile on many a face. Im trying to kickstart my life by making goals. both small and large, like. Running once a day. Getting pre recs in forSchool. Getting Paramedic papers in. Getting out and enjoying the world. Making the love of my life endlesslysmile. But there are other things I want to accomplish that are a little rough around the edges because of things like Time and Money. A missions trip and Surfing in Tofino. Both very possible and im going to some how fit both things in to my busy schedule of three days of work and four days of pure lazing on the beach.Looking for another job would help pay for the missons trip. But then How would I pay for school? Life canbe so complicated sometimes. Almost blissful with so much thats good and bad happening at the same times.Life is good. and Let it be known! Smile lots every body. Even if you think its the end, remember that the sun will ALWAYS shine another day... Just walk my way I'll attempt to keep your days cloudless and free!thanks for reading. youre all sweet as heat. God bless. xoxo, PaizRose